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These sessions by donation Only are offered for anyone who is facing financial challenges.
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Welcome to Unitefulness!

It is a pleasure to introduce you to my work. I bring a unique and transformational self-empowerment LIFT UP! programme through my mentoring, workshops/ coaching, and speaking services.

They are unique because they are born out of my own real-life experience of navigating the height of success in my corporate IT career, to the depths following redundancy.

I found myself in a new world and it was one of survival, but I soon learnt – the absolute key was how I chose to perceive it and that perception became my north star and I followed it!

What I learnt without any doubt was my heart was guiding me towards the work I was born to do and as I say to my clients, one door must close for the next to open but it takes courage and trust along the way. That is exactly what is needed for the new world emerging, to be aware of your true voice and guidance, to navigate your unique road to fulfilment.

The diary section is a candid sharing of pivotal points from my life and how it has been a jigsaw, leading me to this work. To bring hope and encouragement that when we align with our inner self – even the toughest times are all part of our soul’s journey to freedom and authentic empowerment.

With love



Break Through lge

When something breaks down – there is an opportunity for a ‘break-through.’
We are living in times where feelings of anxiety can arrive at relentless speed. We must feel what we feel, but how we use the feeling is an opportunity to ride the wave of emotion as a positive force of change.

We can use the energy to lift us up or take us down. We have all had those moments where we are tired of a repetitive loop and the anxiety we feel, is often an inner cry for a new experience of life.

I help you to lift-up your energy and therefore, your vibration, to enable you to see things through a whole new lens. There are no limits to what you can experience!

Whether this is on a personal basis, in your career, or as a corporate business – the only limits are the ones you put on it. Just imagine the creativity and break through that unleashes! It invokes that inner fire, to bring passion to life. As I mention in my diary, meeting with Positive People charity, of Seetec Pluss, was an amazing moment that opened a creative door for me. Below is a selection of beautiful testimonials from the wonderful people I have the joy of helping.

Steve’s Profound Testimonial: Click here....

November 2022
How to thank Julie……

I always considered myself to be a fairly intelligent individual, I didn’t suffer fools etc… This
opinion was shattered when I had an unfortunate accident through no fault of my own that
led, quite quickly, to a breakdown of my mental health. The physical injuries I suffered were
serious, but the mental scars turned out to be far worse. As I slid into depression, I was
overwhelmed by the amount of genuine support that was available to me. I was keen from
the point of being diagnosed, to take advantage and hopefully benefit from the support
offered. I wanted to find a way out of the hell I found myself in.

This became increasingly difficult for me as I started to see a pattern of well-meaning
people, trained individuals with a wealth of experience, start to attempt to unravel my
issues and assist me to the path of recovery. The problem I had was how obvious and
predictable the advice and help were – examples of which, amongst others: write a letter to
either A) your younger self to heal past issues B) Abusers and those responsible for their
part in issues that I suffered etc. Another approach was to imagine a box where negative
thoughts could live and be safe. This approach, though safe and successful for a lot of
people, led me in the opposite direction and left me feeling that nobody understood, nor
would they ever understand me. At my worst, and it is hard even now to write this, I spent
what seemed like ages planning the end of me in the most pain free way for my children – it
seemed inevitable. And then, Positive People came into my life. I met my Change Coach, and
she led me into a conversation about therapy, it was then that I first heard of Julie.

I honestly thought I would be just ticking a box for another well-meaning counsellor, and
though I felt it was not going to help, I agreed to have a first phone call to see if Julie could
help. I remember being told by my Coach, Julie is different, she has a ‘knack.’ Yeah, sure I
thought, I was also told she was an ‘Inspirational Coach’ and not a counsellor. Ok, I am
willing to try anything that might help – my state at the time had accepted the end was
coming and not only that, but it was the best all round thing to do, so I had nothing to lose
and maybe, just maybe, something to gain.

This next part of my testimony has been written and re-written many times. I want to say
what I feel without saying too much, but also without saying too little.

Best I can say is Thank you. Thank you, Julie, for leading me to a place where I could finally
see that not only do I have some worth, but I am a valuable asset to many people who
cannot and should not have to live without me in their lives.

Such a simple thing to say but to me, it is the most important statement I’ve ever written.
Julie somehow took me from the depths of despair – to believing that I am worthy, and that I
am capable of deserving a life.

How did she do this? She talked to me, and she listened to my replies, she was personable,
and she made me feel like I was not just someone she had to try and help, but I was
important to her. Many times, I would finish one of our calls and I would catch myself,
smiling as I walked past a mirror, SMILING!

Julie lifted me from believing there was no hope, to believing that I had every hope. Julie’s
approach was always a very down-to-earth and a realistic manner; I could relate to her, and
I could believe in her. How can I thank her for that? The only way I know for sure is to
continue to keep her voice in my head, hearing her tell me how great I am and how well I
am doing.

If in any small way I could help anyone in my situation (I would not wish that on anyone) but
if there was anyone as lost as I was who needs a chance to see some light, call Julie. Just call
her and talk, that is all you have to do.

Thank you, Julie.

Steve’s Update. April 2024…..

I am now the best at being me and I am finally happy with that – you did that.

I am sure you remember our conversation about me returning to a job I love and using my
experience for the benefit of others? Well, that is exactly where I am. My man management
skills and care skills have all been used to get the service I now work for back on track.

The battle goes on in my head, it is still difficult at times to be positive. I keep reminding
myself of all those days when i was convinced that today was the last day, and here I am
making a difference to so many other lives and my Children still have me.

All of the above is because you found a way to make me see a future – yes, it is still hard, yes
i have terrible days and don’t want to face anyone – but i get through those days believing in
myself – believing that i can do this, and i do! I am back running a 5k every other day – every
run i do is like a counselling session – i don’t listen to music i talk to myself and get ready to
overcome the next day, and it is amazing.

Thank you, Julie – that will never be enough I know, but it is the best i can do and that’s what
is important. Keep smiling – I will.


LIFT UP! Is my signature workshop that I have delivered to many people and the basis of the one-to-one work I do.

Testimonials from Pluss Positive People & Building Better Somerset Projects, that I have delivered workshops &
one-to-one Mentoring for…

Julie has been helping me through one of the toughest times in my life. Her infectious positivity and ability to always find the optimistic outlook has given me great strength. She has been integral in building back my confidence. Through sharing her own experiences and analysing mine, she has equipped me with the mindset to see the light at the end of the tunnel and walk towards it. I would highly recommend anyone feeling stuck or in need of some direction, to talk to her and uncover the tools from within themselves to realise their life journey.

Jimmy, Somerset. 1-1 Mentoring. Building Better Somerset. June 2024.

I started having motivational sessions with Julie a few months ago. I was immediately comfortable and amazed how warm and approachable she is. It’s like being wrapped in an energetic big hug for the whole session. Julie has a deeply intuitive approach, I always have a lightbulb moment in every session, that is taking me forwards in a surprisingly wonderful way. Highly recommended.

Lizzy. Lift up! one-to-one mentoring sessions. April 2024.

I would have been happy to just listen to Julie’s story. I found her to be both inspiring and so helpful. Julie should be touring the country.

David. Lift up! Workshop. Glastonbury, February 2024

I’ve known Julie professionally now for about 3 years and it’s been an absolute BLAST!

I have organised and attended countless Empowerment workshops led by Julie, called “LIFT UP” across Somerset for our participants.

Firstly, never have I witnessed people blossom so much, in such a short amount of time (less than 2 hours). Just visibly relaxing and coming to the realisation that they are not alone and therefore finding their inner voice.

Secondly, Julie creates a warm and welcoming space which is inclusive for all no matter if you’re the organiser (me) or a participant of the Building Better Somerset project. I’ve always left the workshops feeling 1000% better, more positive, and optimistic with a big, renewed spring in my step.

I could go on and on. Basically, Julie is a GUST of fresh air and will make the sunshine in every room. Her hugs will bring about world peace, mark my words! 😊

Maxi Gambier. Building Better Somerset – Community Coach. Pluss CIC. January 2024

“Well, what can I say, I have had a few wonderful experiences with Julie now and she has changed my life for the better. I am more positive, joyful, and more motivated than ever. I feel inspired and can honestly say I have flourished into the person I’ve always wanted to be, ME!

I deeply value the time we’ve spent together, and the progress Julie helped me make in my life. I wouldn’t be this far along in my goals or have this much confidence and courage to push forward without her support. Julie makes you see things from a different perspective and explains details in such a way that really helps you to understand LIFE!

Not only is her work absolutely life changing but she is the kindest, most spirited, buoyant lady I have ever met. I always look forward seeing her. I highly recommend the service she provides. Thank you for everything xxx.”

Jess, Somerset. One-to-One Mentoring. December 2023

“I was a very nervous, emotional, and anxious person sat in a room waiting for the workshop to start. Julie walked into the room and the atmosphere changed. She was very bubbly and uplifting. I was very emotional; Julie turned to myself and said it was good to cry, as it was a way for me to release.

I sat back and listened to this inspiring lady. She shared her own experiences with us and that’s when I sat back and thought – I need to change, to stop looking at the negative of life and find my new pathway. I have taken inspiration from this workshop, and I now have two boxes – a worry box and a bigger achievement box – which some days is overflowing! Thank you for your inspiration. It’s time to hold my head up high again.”

Victoria, Somerset. Lift up! Workshop. November 2023

“Julie was immediately warm and welcoming, and any hesitations I may have had when speaking openly and honestly about my issues were quickly forgotten as introductions began. Once you hear her journey, you realise why she’s so successful as an inspirational mentor, her empathy, experience, and caring nature is abundant and contagious.

Her passion and enthusiasm for me to succeed and overcome my challenges was ever present during our conversations. I am quite reserved and downplay my struggles, often just to get through the day, but she has a knack of getting you to open up with her infectious sense of humour and positive perspective. Julie has helped me immeasurably moving forward with my life and career. She is the most genuine and sincere person I have had the pleasure of chatting with and I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage others to do the same. Thank you.”

Matt, Somerset. One-to-one mentoring. October 2023

“Lift up workshop and 1-1 calls with Julie made me feel at ease and ten times better about myself. I really resonated with Julie and the people in the workshop. I realized I am not alone. I am so grateful for the support it has given me.”
Anna, Somerset. Lift up! Workshop & 1-1 mentoring. June 2023

“Dear Julie, I honestly can’t thank you enough for the help and support you have given me over the last few months. Your positive, genuine, and understanding nature has helped me finally see the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel and it’s been truly life changing. You’ve given me the building blocks with which to keep building. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU x”
Luci, Somerset. One-one-mentoring. April 2023

“Julie, you don’t seem to realise how profound you are in what you say and do.  It comes so natural to you, and it gave me just what I needed to follow my heart and find what I really wanted to do.  I will never forget the impact Lift up had on me and how amazing it has been to do the 1-1 sessions with you.  Thank you so very much. It has been my absolute pleasure to know you.
Nigel, Somerset. One-one-mentoring. March 2023

“Julie, you are a legend! The work you have done helping participants can never be overstated. You have lifted so many people and helped them to better themselves. Thank you from everyone you have helped”.
David Catton, Self-Employment Change Coach, (BBO) Positive People. March 2023

“Basically, thank you for being brilliant Julie! Thank you for all the help and support you have given me over the past few months. You really have helped me to transform my outlook on life, giving me both the skills and belief for me to move towards a brighter and happier future. Thank you so much.”
Faye, Somerset. One-to-one mentoring. February 2023

“When I arrived, I was a little nervous, but I was quickly made to feel comfortable and at ease. I really like Julie; she is so nice. I found the session really helpful and have lots of things to take away and use in my everyday life. I left feeling very positive and lifted. I am glad that I attended, despite my anxiety beforehand, and found the session really valuable”.
Amber, Somerset. Lift up! Workshop November 2022

“My name is Joseph. The year of 2022 has been a testing & trying one for myself. I have met lots of people in my lifetime and Julie is one of those diamonds that truly stand out. The one-to-ones with Julie have been a blessing and helped me so much when I felt most alone. I took note of the things that were pointed out to me and yes, I have been stronger than I realised and yes, I do have a lot to offer the world. I hope you help put more smiles on more faces – as the world needs all the smiles & happiness it can get at the moment. Best wishes and many thanks.”

Joseph, Somerset. One-to-one mentoring, November 2022.

Yesterday morning I attended my first ‘Lift Up’ meeting. I went to the venue with an open mind and left with an opened mind! Unless you have been to one of these meetings and have seen and heard Julie’s presentation first hand, it is hard to explain the effect it has on one. You leave with a charged, ‘go forth’ state of mind. It is not so much what she says as what she doesn’t say leaving you to extrapolate the full worth of her words into your own personal mindset. I would most sincerely recommend anybody to attend a ‘Lift Up’ meeting regardless of how well or how badly you are doing in life. ‘Lift Up?’ Does exactly like it says on the tin. A very positive experience that i look forward to enjoying again. Thank you.
Malcolm, Somerset. Lift up! Workshop July 2022

“I found your two workshops (Lift Up and Empowering Women) so joyful and deeply powerful, and I thank you for your courage in the way you express yourself to other souls!”

Siobhan, Devon. Lift up! & Empowering Women Workshops April 2022

“Julie is a kindred spirit. She has shown me the meaning of being a true individual and how to embrace it. As someone who has struggled to find their place at times in this world, she has given me the guidance to go forward in a new light. I looked forward to our sessions together as Julie was always positive, friendly, and inspiring. Thank you, Julie, you’ve helped me so much.”

James, Somerset. One-to-one mentoring. March 2022

Thank you, Julie. I feel you’re a lovely example of what you are teaching, and your energy is truly beautiful”

Juliet. Empowering Women Devon Workshop, February 2022

This was absolutely brilliant. I enjoyed this session so much I took no notes as I was too busy opening up to Julie and listening to everyone else. Her enthusiasm and empathy shine through – which enabled a very safe and open space and full and frank conversation. I came away fizzing with excitement.

Amanda. Steps to Success Workshop, November 2021

“In the few weeks I have known Julie, she has completely changed my perception of where I was. I can now see a positive pathway ahead of me which I never thought possible. Julie has shown me how I can harness negative experiences and completely turn them into a catalyst for a positive way forward to embrace my life. I am so grateful for what she has done for me.”

Lisa, Somerset. One-to-one mentoring. November 2021

“Thank you for the Lift Up session. It was just what I needed. Julie was an inspiration and definitely made me think. Just feeling her passion was amazing. If there are anymore, I would love to attend.”

Ricky. LIFT UP! Workshop, September 2021

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for today. It was so great; I did not want it to end!”
Paul. LIFT UP! Workshop, September 2021

What can I say? Julie is one-in-a-million. She helped me so much and makes it so easy to open up and talk to her (I have sobbed to her too.) I feel stronger. My confidence is starting to come back. I am believing in myself a little more. It’s like chatting to a friend who knows what I am going through. Amazing help. I am truly grateful.
Katherine. Somerset. One-to-one mentoring. August 2021

Thank you for the amazing support you have given me over the past few weeks. I will never forget how much you helped me and your kind words.
Natasha. Somerset. One-to-one mentoring. August 2021

When I started my sessions with Julie, I felt like I had lost me. Julie has helped me feel alive by helping open doors within me that have been closed for years. I now have confidence and feel I can do anything I want to. You see things so much clearer (that it was always in me but I had to find it.) Julie really cares and really listens. She has helped me so, so much.
Jess. Devon. One-to-one mentoring. July 2021

Julie helps to lift our clients thinking and self-worth – this opens them up to receive more help from the Positive People (BBO) Programme. Julie’s inspirational mentoring has a profound and long lasting positive affect on our participants that enables them to re-engage with society and ultimately to overcome their difficulties.

David Catton. Change Coach, Positive People. July 2021

I love your sessions. They are so full of heart-felt vibrancy and passion. Thank you for being the sparkling ball of energy that you are.”

Amanda. Empowering Women, February 2021

Thank you for a most interesting workshop. I would recommend it to anyone. The exercises we carried out certainly made me think in a different way and to consider what I want in a job.”

Sue. Support through Redundancy, February 2021

“You are amazing in the way you guide people. It is a special gift Julie and you are a special person.”

Tracey. Assistant Change Coach. Positive People, February 2021

“Loved today’s session. Julie was great. So warm and enthusiastic. Really felt the love!”

Emma. Empowering Women, February 2021

“The bespoke approach Julie brings to the Steps to Success sessions really concentrates on supporting the individuals we have on programme and inspires them further through their journey.”

Laura. Change Coach. Positive People, January 2021

“What helped me most was Julie’s warm personality and inspiration – knowing she is passionate about helping people, brings so much to the meetings.”

Kay. Steps to Success, October 2020

You share so much positivity and most importantly, show people like me who had lost their positivity – it is still inside of us.”

Jackie. Steps to Success, August 2020

 “Julie was a ball of positivity. I felt her energy the minute she came onto screen. It was fresh and honest.”  

Charlotte. Change Coach. Positive People, July 2020

Julie working with you has inspired me, to inspire the people we support. You have given me ways of thinking that I would never come to without your inspirational bespoke workshops.”

Derryn. Assistant Change Coach. Positive People, July 2020

“I thought it was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. You are so passionate and I found your enthusiasm inspiring & uplifting.  You put us all at ease and made us feel special.”

Louise. Steps to Success, July 2020

Diary of...

A journey To freedom

Julie for sidebar
Lotus Flower
Be You
Love Through Diversity
New Creation 2021
Coming Full Circle
My Life... Dismantles
Glastonbury Calling!
The Heart Knows
Wake-Up Call
Trusting My Instincts
Triumph & Tragedy
Manifesting a Dream
A Humble Start

These sessions by donation Only are offered for anyone who is facing financial challenges.
Please contact me to arrange.