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Unitefulness is about the inner power of YOU.  It is you bringing the whole of YOU to your life, work, relationships, everything! From this place you access the gifts, higher knowledge, wisdom, clarity and unlimited potential inherent within you.

You align with your highest self and take steps with confidence in walking forwards to the beat of your own drum. One that feels right; one that supports you and lifts you. Your own north star. You speak from your authenticity and truth.

You begin to see fear and doubt for what they are, and you navigate both in a new and empowered way that enables you to transmute negative experiences, into positive actions. You see how your thoughts are mirrored back to you and how choosing the highest thoughts, even in the midst of the most challenging experiences, create new outcomes.

You follow your own yellow brick road in this incredible adventure called life and you energetically attract to you the people, situations, circumstances to support you in your dreams, goals, and aspirations. You see the connection in all things and the intricate intelligent perfection of a Universe who loves you.

You switch ON your power.

About Me

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I’m Julie, a Yorkshire lass who now lives in Glastonbury (ten years, to be precise). I was never an academic, but emotional intelligence and strong intuition guided me well. I arrived in the corporate world by chance (or so I thought) in 1987, and I built up a very successful career in sales with some major IT companies such as IBM and Samsung. Leaving IBM in 2000, I set up my own Business Development Consultancy because I wanted to put the holistic approach into business. I marched to the beat of my own drum in my sales career. I loved my customers, and they loved me back.

My work from 2000 onwards became about uniting businesses and people. I did a major contract with Xerox in which I was responsible for bringing two divisions together. This became my forte. I had a knack for finding the common ground and inspiring people to join me on it. I went on to a ten-year Alliance job where I brought two IT companies together across Europe. This was so successful that they ended up becoming one company and I put myself out of a job!

(Note to self: Be less successful next time. Lol)

It all went downhill from there! But it was the making of me. I went through what is locally known as ‘The Glastonbury Experience’. Basically what this means is you go through the wringer and out the other side (having faced every fear you ever had) and then you’re sent out into the world, doing what you are meant to do! (That’s the short version.) And if you survive that – you are good to go!

So here I am now, doing what I am meant to do: workshops and one-to-ones, helping people find what they are meant to do. It brought me full circle. And I feel blessed to use all I learnt to help people towards their own goals and aspirations. It brings great joy to see other people flourish.

I love my work but all work and no play (as the saying goes.)  So outside of work I love my swimming, walking on a beach and exploring new places. I love music, meeting a friend for breakfast (probably a bit too much!) And anything to do with evolving on my spiritual path. Oh and snuggling in with a good romantic comedy movie, a cup of real coffee and of course a ‘bit’ of chocolate on the side smile



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