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I have such passion for Business. Unitefulness through my Lift up work transforms the way people see themselves and their work. Creativity powers up! Challenge becomes opportunity! Fragmentation seeks unity! Excitement and Inspiration become the norm not the exception. Hearts engage and the magic begins.

Heart in business is not soft skills! It’s a powerhouse! It carries the passion and fuel to go the distance. I am testimony to that, in what it enabled me to achieve in 27 years working for and with Corporates often in situations others thought impossible. Whether it was to retrieve high profile accounts deemed lost; turning them into multi-million-pound business, bringing fragmented teams together, building Alliances or new opportunities – so long as my heart was in, I knew the way and I inspired others to join me. For companies such as IBM, Samsung, Xerox.

Indeed, this very website and my work now is an example of overcoming life-changing circumstances that ripped my world apart. Going from a six-figure salary -to redundancy at the height of my success – took me to the depths but it enabled Lift up to be born.

It takes a strong sense of self to rise from the ashes and see the purpose of it all. To see yourself through a lens of courage, determination and sheer will to create something good from the experience. When you then use it to help others to navigate their challenges – there is no greater feeling in the world.

Lift up in Business is transformational and tangible! We transform situations through working with people on real life goals or challenges. We lift up how people think to a higher vibration and opportunity, to help them see the direct link between their thoughts, beliefs and the reality they are creating. The results are evident, very self-empowering and exciting!

My work is tailored to your individual needs. Please contact me to discuss further. julie@juliethompson.co.uk

“Don’t sail with a captain, who hasn’t been through rough seas”.

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