It’s been a long time since my last entry because it has all been a whirl!!

Wow! Is the only word I can think of to capture exactly how I am feeling as I reflect on the past 4 years. From that moment in January 2020 when I was invited to do a pilot self-empowerment workshop for Pluss, Positive People Project. I had no idea how it would go but I knew with all my heart I was born to do it and I followed my excitement.

The same feeling of excitement that had always guided me on what choices to make and actions to take. Even in the darkest of times that I faced following redundancy and adversity, that excitement never left, lifting me up to follow the path I was meant to follow. Showing me that nothing is by random, everything is linked and has purpose in this journey of life we are on.

To the hundreds of people, I have helped over this past 4 years through my workshops and mentoring, what can I say? It has been an absolute privilege and joy.

When people came to me with doubt, fear, anxiety, and low self-worth – all I could see was their courage, resilience, strength to have faced all they had.

To help people to see themselves from that higher lens and how it changes their perspective on themselves and life, is truly incredible and I always say – had I not been through my own fears and deep challenges – I could not do this work.

2024 is a year like no other. A massive opportunity for everyone to align with what they truly want and release the barriers of thought and beliefs that have held them back.

Lift up was born out of a life crumbling. It rose from the ashes of what was but what was waiting, was something so beautiful. Fear would have blocked it, but love brought it to life because only love has the power to erase fear.

Now I want to take Lift up wider to help more people. I want to combine all my years of corporate success to help Lift up people and business. Lift up is a beautiful inspiring story to help others see what is possible, no matter what you are facing because it is lifting you up to the YOU that knows the way and who you really are.

Until next time.

With love.

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