A Humble Start

A long time ago!

Life began in a humble Yorkshire community. It was tough; my abiding memory is of how strong the women were, how they had to get on with it and make a little go a long way, but there was an understanding, an innate sense of unity in the challenges they faced. Our door was open to anyone who needed help – a door to a run-down home with damp walls – but it had love. I didn’t always appreciate that when I mixed with some new friends outside of the community. They judged the home I lived in; it hurt me deeply, but of course it was a mirror, because I was already afraid that they would judge me. Oh, if I could go back now … I would say, ‘Welcome to the heart of where we live.’ I have called upon the memory of that time so often during the past few years, when faced with the deepest adversity. I remember the love of my Mother – who, even if she only had a few slices of bread left, would share with those who had none. That was her love in action, how love flowed through her in the most practical of ways. ‘Hands are for helping,’ she would tell me. She was a force be reckoned with smile

It may have been a hard start in life, but it inspired me to strive for what I wanted and not be limited to the circumstance I was born in … and yet I look back in absolute gratitude for that experience and for how it would weave, like a thread, in the design and purpose of my life and serve as a memory, of what matters most.

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A Humble Start

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