14th February 2021

What a week! I feel I have travelled a million inner-miles and peeled even more away from the proverbial onion we are constantly shedding layers from (how many layers can one onion have, I ask?) But as always, I am in wonder at the new discoveries that lie in wait as I ride the waves of emotion. You can almost guarantee it will be bumpy! But there is the thrill of not quite knowing where you will land and the wisdom you will find.

But it all comes into perfect play when I am delivering my workshops. It’s why I say to people from the word go: Just BE YOU. The YOU that you are feeling in this moment. No approval needed. You can feel the exhale as people breathe a sigh of relief – from the worry they were holding that they have to be something else. Or do something else. All that worry we walk around with.

It’s about loving being YOU (warts-and-all) to the point where you don’t need’ anyone else to love it. When you can finally say, ’You don’t even need to like me,’ and really feel the truth of that. And the BIG ONEyou don’t dislike them if they don’t like you! That is a biggie!

You are at total peace because what else can you ‘BE’? Where else is there to go? It’s like those Russian dolls, where there are several layers before you get to the final one. She/he is the YOU after all that shedding. Why would you put all those layers back on to fit in with someone else’s idea of you? Are we living from our own true self or others expectations of us? This is where we have to be really honest with ourselves, but it is incredibly liberating if we are willing to go there.

There is a saying: And the truth shall set you free … I can feel the sigh of relief as I even type those words because it is in the being true to ourselves – that sets us free.

And no, this does not mean we have to share everything about ourselves with others (she says, as she is writing this diary! Lol). We choose what we share. We use our discernment. It is the endearing quality of simply being ourselves … no matter what. Sometimes being quiet and choosing to say nothing.

Equally, allowing others to be themselves – even if it’s different to what we might like them to be or think they have the potential to be. Of course we want the best for those we care about but that ‘best’ has to be of their own language, not ours…

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