Coming Full Circle

January 2020

The past four years took me on a journey, which at times I thought I would never survive, but oh, the gifts of that journey. The deep inner work and going into places I never knew I had the courage and strength to do. But that was the point: to show me I had. To light up the hidden shadows of pain, abandonment and loss. To heal the deeper wounds of separation.

I have experienced the two polarities with such extremity and in such a short time, I could have been forgiven for thinking it was trying to destroy me, but it was the making of me. I have learnt so much from this experience. The most important is to feel everything you feel. Go into those emotions, because that is what liberates you from being a prisoner of them. Own them. Love them. Pat yourself on the back, for every courageous step you take to meet the pain. Allow it to reveal why it is there, so it can leave in peace. Everything has a purpose, as we bring it all into the fold. Into union, with nothing outside of us; no bogey man. Everything is within us. All part of this incredible journey we came to experience, in our road back to oneness.

The pain of going into the job centre was no mistake. No wrong turn. It, too, had purpose. I met a wonderful lady who works for a charity helping people back into work. She felt inspired when I told her my story, and she felt the passion in my heart of wanting to help others.

She called to ask me if I would be an inspirational speaker as part of a change programme they are doing to help people back into work. Of course, I said yes.  I am going to lead my first workshop this month … and my heart is with the participants already. 

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These sessions by donation Only are offered for anyone who is facing financial challenges.
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