Glastonbury Calling!

July 2013

It was very late on a Friday when I arrived in Glastonbury. What a journey from York! It had taken hours. Only this time I wasn’t visiting – I was moving here! It all happened so fast. I went home from my last visit in October, woke up the next day, and that was it: I knew I was moving here.

It was an epic task to clear the house in York, and this time, I definitely travelled light! I arrived with a sofa, bed, lamps and an office chair; I looked around at my few possessions and thought: Well love, you’ve done well for yourself smile  My cousin who helped me move here is so like me … our first focus was, ‘Let’s get the lamps plugged in! Create an ambience!’   

I was able to bring my job with me, which was great. It was hilarious, though. I rented a tiny annexe of a home to start with, that had a shared garden. Next door was used for holiday lets and so I never knew who was going to be in the garden. I was on a work conference call one particular day, and I glanced out of the window, and this being Glastonbury, there was a guy there, swinging two crystal balls! smile What a contrast to the mundane conference call I was on! It so made me smile.

It felt different living here, rather than visiting. Maybe it was a premonition of what was to come!

Glastonbury had been a balm for my soul for the past eight years of visiting.  I got here as often as I could. I would whiz around the sacred places in the short amount of time I had, and, of course, add to my ever-growing range of crystals and books!  I was like a child in a sweet shop.

But now, I would be immersed into those sacred places. They would take on a whole new meaning and invoke a connection beyond where I had gone before. They would trigger a feeling of a time long before this life. It was like returning to pick up where I left off and I would get that same feeling about some of the people I met. Call it kindred spirits; but these people were not strangers and it was so obvious – from the way we connected – we were always going to meet up: on plan and on time.

A very kind lady I already knew had helped facilitate me moving here, just as I would do for people after me. How can we ever doubt the intricate perfection of the Universe, or the minute detail it goes to, to get people to where they are meant to be?  I guess because often the journey can feel like you are going through hell, on the way to heaven.

And of course, hell had its purpose: Taking me into my shadows; into those hidden places within me. The parts I had been protecting for lifetimes, not just this one. Only this lifetime was different, this was the one to free me and nobody said it would be easy… but I was in the right place. In this incredible diverse community of people, within the heart of the heart.   

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