Time has flown by since my last entry! As I reflected on what I wanted to share today –
the word Gratitude immediately came to mind. It is something I have been feeling deeply these past months.

I am so grateful to the beautiful souls I have had the opportunity to help.

I am grateful for the joy they bring me.

I am grateful for every experience in my life: the ups, downs, and in-betweens.

I am grateful for the darkest moments when I walked alone.

I am grateful for the love in my heart that never left me.

I am grateful for having to walk through my deepest fears time and again.

I am grateful for the moments I was ready to let the fears go.

I am grateful for going from abundance to nothing and realizing I am defined by neither.

I am grateful for every act of kindness that crossed my path.

I am grateful to this amazing Town I live in and the people that make it so unique.

I am grateful for my humble beginning.

I am grateful for the unity of community I experienced as a child.

I am grateful for a Mother that shared her last slice of bread with those who had less.

I am grateful for this innate joy, that no matter what, is determined to lift me up!

I am grateful for being at peace with myself in knowing I did my best.

I am grateful for those who hurt me – it helped me find my strength.

I am grateful for the toughest times – they built my resilience.

I am grateful for this extraordinary opportunity to be here on this earth.

I am grateful for everything.

And so it is.

Until next time.



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