November 2004   

‘Are you going to miss it?’ my sister asked me, as I was locking the door on my dream home for the last time. No, I will never look back. I packed the last things in the car and set off for my new life, removal van behind me. It was only to the next town, but it felt a million miles away, because of a life I was leaving. The life I thought would be forever.

As beautiful as that home was, it represented an old me, and I could no longer afford it, anyway. And the amount of time it took to clear all the possessions was crazy! I was relieved to be letting go. All that stuff – for what?

I arrived at this tiny new town house. It was the first time I had ever moved into anywhere on my own. Very grown up! smile  I was a bit shaky, got to be honest, but it was a big deal.

I don’t know if it was bad luck or by higher design, but a contract I was due to start had fallen through. I had done a great one with Samsung the year before, and so I was OK for a while. I needed to find my roots here … maybe that was the reason.

 March 2005

I arrived in Sedona, and oh my goodness, it was stunning! I was there preparing for a talk I am about to do in Indianapolis. I connected with a lovely lady in America who contacted me after she read a blog I had written. We share a passion for ‘Heart in Business’ and she’s invited me to speak at a Business Breakfast Club she attends.

I hired a guide to show me around Sedona and to take me to the vortexes. We did a medicine wheel and the card that came out was Joy. That’s my intention for the talk I am doing … to bring joy. There was a picture of a hummingbird on the card, and although this was early March, he said to me, ‘Look up there,’ because a hummingbird had appeared!

I hardly slept last night. My eyes must have sacks underneath them, I don’t know about bags! I am in Indianapolis for my talk. My stomach is churning. Must be fifty people in the audience. My friend and I went to buy a candle yesterday for the meeting. So unconventional, but comforting!

I had been talking a while and suddenly a voice interrupted me: ‘Do you know what you are doing here today?’ It was a lady in the audience, with tears in her eyes. I was startled for a moment and she continued… ‘You are changing lives.’ Oh gosh, I just welled up, it was so emotional. She said, ‘I am sorry, I feel silly for crying,’ and I replied: Don’t ever apologise for being who you really are. That was the whole theme of the talk: BE WHO YOU ARE. It was the most exhilarating hour of my life. Will I ever feel that exhilaration again?  I hope so.

June, 2005

Took me ages to come down from that buzz! I LOVED IT. Like I was born to do it but I am back in the UK now. About to start a contract with a company called Zebra. An old boss of mine has called me in, to help them with some business development work. I think it will only be six months …


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