Love Through Diversity

20th January 2021

I didn’t expect to be making an update so soon, but such are the times. In my last diary update, I spoke of the fact we are in a third national lockdown and of the palpable anxiety outside (and it has deepened). We are the macro within the micro here in Glastonbury, a pulse of how the world is doing, and it’s telling us clearly: The fear is bubbling over.

I am not personally feeling the fear and that’s not because I don’t have understanding or compassion – I have them both, in abundance. I know what fear feels like; the debilitating effects of it; how it can take over your life and eclipse any sign of hope.

I also know fear has a purpose – to bring up and out the root of it, and in these times (like all times of crisis) our collective fear is one of survival. That deep core wound of separation we came into this life with – to finally be healed.

Such was my experience of the past four years as my life crumbled around me. Fear of survival didn’t just visit once – it moved in! And it was going nowhere it seemed, until I faced it and somehow made friends – by letting it show me what it was trying to reveal. Thank you, ‘Glastonbury experience’….. (I owe you one). ❤️

Before then, it was easy to run away … I was in corporate world, earning lots of money, had my car and could take off to Cornwall (often!), telling myself, ‘You need this Julie, you need to be by the sea so that the writing can come out!’ Did it? Never! Lol. But I had a great time.

Until the moment when the job went, money went, and, well… everything went! Thank you, Spirit, for taking the car too … were you ensuring I was completely grounded here? smile But what I had was this amazing town…

Ah Glastonbury, the heart of the heart. Where people would flock to from around the world and, no matter their troubles, would feel its arms around them. Sure, it was diverse in its opinions, beliefs, dress code (lol) … but it had heart, and that was our unity.

Can we stay in that heart, through this new experience of diversity? The heart tested me (to hell and back) but it didn’t let me down. More than that, it showed me that being in the truth of my own heart is my ‘port in the storm’. It never speaks to me in the language of fear … but in the language of hope, strength and resilience. It asks me to trust it, and of course I do, after everything it has got me through. I trust the peace of discernment I now filter everything through.

We may face challenges – with our friends or loved ones – who hold different opinions or beliefs to us. I had that experience this week with someone I love dearly, and I asked him: Are we defined by this difference – or by the bond of love we grew up with?

Unity within diversity has been the hallmark of this very special place called Glastonbury. Of course it has – it is the heart chakra of the planet, and the energy ripples out far and wide. Now – more than any time in our human history – is the time to choose what we wish to send out …

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