Manifesting a Dream

August 1988

I’ve never presented before and here I am; sat with a room full of top IT sales executives and I’m up next: 5pm! What a time slot to be given; either they thought I would be rubbish or I’m just filling in before they grab their briefcases and head off to the pub…probably sooner than that when I start talking about the riveting subject of a new filing system I put together.

I only had two weeks of my notice left to work. I loved the company but I had this dream (god knows where it came from) that I wanted to be in Sales. My job was receptionist, and so I figured there was no chance of going from reception to sales in a huge corporation such as Wang! So I was leaving for a job in training, to get closer to my dream; a dream I had eaten, slept and breathed for a year, by the way! It was crazy; I was so not sales material. I wore my heart on my sleeve and loved helping people (not exactly the criteria advertised in IT sales jobs back in the late eighties!).

OK here goes…I’m up! Deep breath; make it light-hearted, my friend said; make it personal and have fun! I will try, but I hope they can’t hear my knees knocking, because I sure can!

Thirty minutes later, I had to pinch myself. I was staring open-mouthed at an audience on their feet, cheering for me. There was only one place to go after that: the pub! As we arrived, a lady who had come into the meeting late from our Manchester office, came up to me…

‘Hi, I’m Wendy, sorry I didn’t get chance to introduce myself. Your presentation was fantastic…you were so confident.’ ‘You must be joking?’ I answered. ‘I was so nervous!’

She went on to tell me that she was also leaving the company and then ‘knocked me for six’ with what she said next: ‘I want to recommend you as my replacement, if you are interested?’  In what role? Sales! Honest to god, that is exactly how it happened.

Long story short, I went for two interviews with her manager, and whilst he couldn’t hide the fact he was nervous that I didn’t have an ounce of experience, he loved my enthusiasm and decided to give me a chance, together with a £4 million pound target and no time for any sales training because Wendy had already left! What could possibly go wrong? I asked myself…

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