March 2021 Update

Here we are in March already. I can’t ever remember such a creative start to a year – something echoed to me by many people out there. It’s like we have been on red and amber (mostly red!) for so long – it’s a bit of a shock when the green light appears! But a pleasant one. 🙂

I get so absorbed in writing and doing my Zoom workshops, I lose track of what time we are actually in. I go outside expecting there to be a real buzz in the streets, and then I remember, we are in lockdown (a time that is paradoxically unlocking so much).

I feel the magic starting to return; the synchronicities and chance meetings (that are more about divine timing than chance). I love it when you pass a bookshop and words you had in your head or an exact image you were thinking of is there staring at you on a book cover!

There is a lighter energy and an air of excitement. Spring is springing! A time of renewed hope and after all we have been through – a time of listening to our hearts. Allowing that creative spirit to rise up and share its joy.

I said in the launch of Unitefulness back in January – it is organic. I am letting it go where it will. Allowing it to reveal the next step in each moment (and it certainly has!). Unitefulness was a vision born within me as I went through some of the lowest times in my life over the past few years. I dreamt of ‘community in unity’ (and this was pre-lockdown) but it feels even more relevant now – as we create a new world from the ashes of what is dissolving.

This is about building a network of like-minded people who are bringing their long-held aspirations or newly-born dreams to life and to unite in a supportive community that helps each other along the way. The workshops that I deliver, continue to bring great joy to my life – as I witness people tapping into their own joy of self-discovery. It is like a jig-saw building – showing me the way forward for Unitelfulness. Something I will share more about in the next update.

In the meantime, if you would like to contact me please do not hesitate to use the contact page above. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time.



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