January 2021

As I write this latest entry into my diary, we are in a third national lockdown here in the UK. There is a palpable sense of anxiety out there, and whilst I am fully aware of it, it is not my experience. I have been locked in my own world creating this blog. A world that has stimulated creativity, excitement, vision and passion. A world of my creation.

This sets the scene of 2021, re-building (creating) the world we wish to see. From the ashes of what was, we rise now into the world of our imagination. There is no limit to that imagination; we are free to travel wherever we chose in our minds, and this is the first step to the expansion we are now ready to begin. For we know, everything is first created within, and as within, so without.

Through the union of the love in our heart and focus of mind, we stand at the point of pure potential, ready to mould into the vision we hold. Holding that vision is key now.

Hasn’t that been what 2020 was really about? Letting go … in so many ways. Of all that has held us back from living our vision, of unleashing our creativity. Of stepping forwards, as the light bearers we are, ready to join up with others around the world.

2020 is a year none of us will ever forget. The turning point so long predicted (that we thought had arrived in 2012), came in to shake up a world. To wake up a world. I truly understand the courage and strength that is needed when your world collapses. When the loss and pain is unbearable.  I also understand the opportunity hidden within it, and that is the reason I have shared some of the excerpts from my diary, in the hope it may help someone who needs a hand.

Ah, that takes me right back to where I start off my diary, in those humble beginnings and the memory of my mother, who no matter what struggles she was going through herself, always held out a hand to others if she could.

This is the world I imagine. A world of united people, living in the fullness of their creativity, freedom, joy and reverence for the sanctity of life. A world where nobody is forgotten, nobody is less than. Of sharing our unique gifts and talents, to build new opportunities. It all begins with just the first step …

2020 afforded me the opportunity to take a step in building my workshops I wrote about in my last diary entry. All of the ups and downs I have been through in my life came together as I connected with the people in a way that made my heart sing. Everything we go through has a purpose in leading us to our joy and sharing it to help others find theirs. Full circle. Unitefulness.

I had an amazing call today with a lovely lady in the charity I deliver the workshops for. I really want to help people who are being made redundant. Unless it has happened to you, you can’t fully understand the emotional trauma that comes with it. I can use my experience of it to help them see the light through the darkness. She was so supportive. I am delivering my first workshop on Redundancy in 2 weeks. ❤

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