Triumph & Tragedy

October 1989

The past year has gone by in a blur … so much has happened. I was always going to sink or swim in my first sales job, and I am happy to say, I swam. There were so many firsts: first company car; first trip to America for achieving my sales target; first time when the money didn’t run out before the month did. First time I ever took a customer out to lunch and just to add to my nerves, he chose a Chinese restaurant, and it was the first time for me using chop sticks! I was shaking so much, the food I eventually picked up never made it to my mouth. smile He saw my embarrassment, but, bless him, I think his heart went out to me.

Heart was the theme of my work. I loved my customers and I never looked upon it as ‘trying to sell them something’ … I was helping them with their business, being there for them when they had a problem and, of course, building trust. All of that came naturally. It felt good. The trip to America was the icing on the cake. I had wanted to go there for so long. There were hundreds of us from around the world, all gathered together in Denver for five days of celebration. I was able to take my partner Graham with me. The first time we were wished ‘Have a good day’ was like being on a movie set! We had an evening at Red Rocks natural amphitheatre, and we were sat at the back and could only just make out a figure singing on the stage. Graham said, ‘He sounds a lot like John Denver,’ and then added … ‘Hang on, bleep, bleep…it is John Denver!’ He was doing a private performance.

My mum had been in tears as we left for the trip. Graham was given firm instructions: ‘You look after my daughter, or you have me to deal with!’ smile Such was her love. Then just a few weeks after we returned, she passed away. My world fell apart. I was too young to lose her. There was no filling that huge void. The pain was unbearable. I tried to push it down with food, but there was no comfort. That is when I was shown: love does not die … she soon let me know she was still around …

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