Trusting My Instincts

August 1999


Where to begin?  It’s been a decade since my last update! My mother’s passing never leaves me, but she wills me on with that loving warrior spirt of hers. smile

Back to the work: I stayed at Wang until ‘94 and reached the ultimate high in ‘92, when after I achieved sales target, I was awarded with a trip to Hawaii … a dream destination since I was a child.

We landed in Los Angeles, all excited for an overnight stay before flying to Maui the next day, and as we were sat in the bar (relaxing) smile… a colleague came up to us in a state of shock. ‘What’s wrong?’ someone asked. ‘It’s Wang … It’s just gone into Chapter 11,’ came the reply. To be honest, I didn’t even know what it meant, but from the look on his face, it wasn’t good!

So began the demise of a great company, who had not only given me my big opportunity but had been such fun to work for. I stayed another couple of years out of loyalty and for my customers, but it had fallen so much, nothing was the same, and another company (AST) approached me to join them.

Fast forward to 1997, having reached another two big milestones: taking 4 months off to go around the world in ’95 and buying my dream home in ‘97. That was a gamble, asking for a sabbatical, after only a year at the company. They said no but wanted me back if possible. Graham had chance of redundancy and we weighed it all up and said, ‘Let’s go for it!’

We were supposed to be on a budget, but that soon went out the window! We were having a fantastic experience. By the time we got to Australia, I said to Graham ‘I’m gonna have to ring AST to see if I have a job, because the trip is almost over, and money is running out!’

Talk about a wing and a prayer … as soon as I rang them, they said: ‘Yes, come back! Your customer misses you and so do we’ (thank God). So I arrived home to a job offer letter and they had put my salary up by 5k! I couldn’t have planned that.

The next big turning point came in April 1997. AST had won a very prestigious new account – The Post Office Group – a couple of years earlier to much fanfare and publicity, but things had gone wrong and the customer had put AST on notice, just at the point where I was asked to take it over! ‘Don’t do it’ was everyone’s advice (apart from the Sales Director who begged me to). ‘You will go down with the account’ was the not so comforting echo! Oh boy, I had sleepless nights making my mind up. I knew what they were saying – ‘The customer’s had enough’ – but there was this feeling in me, excitement mixed with nerves, that told me: It’s not over. Do it.

The best decision I ever made. I loved that customer with all my heart. The problems were easy to fix; it was the re-building of trust I had to work at, but we got there. But there comes a time when you ask: Really? Why this again? AST went into difficulty the following year and was taken over by Samsung, who subsequently streamlined the company. It meant I couldn’t guarantee delivering the £5 million order I had won from my competitor … and I wasn’t going to risk it. The trust I had built was not for compromise. I had to fight back tears when I broke the news, and I completely understood they had to now move away from us, but I promised them a smooth exit.

There is a happy ending to this one, though. The Post Office moved their business to IBM and not long after, IBM asked me to go work for them and I was re-united with my beloved customer … until the biggest call of my life, in August 1999

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