September, 2012

So much for me thinking Zebra would be a six-month contract! It’s been over seven years, and I am still here! smile It was one of those moments again: I went in to do one job, and I saw the huge potential of something else I could help them with. It captured my heart, and so that was it.

I am working as an Alliance manager across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. I’m either on a plane, in a hotel, a meeting room or a taxi! I wake up some mornings and I don’t know what day it is, or what country I am in! smile I love it though. I love my Alliance partner, Motorola. Zebra and Motorola are like two halves of a coin, and that is what attracted me: the unity of what they bring together. I love working with different cultures. I found a key to it: set a strategy that unifies them but also embraces their local culture. Sometimes, I have to be a counsellor! That is just life: not everyone can agree all of the time, but I love helping them find a common ground and appreciate each other.

Sometimes, I am a warrior! Protecting the Alliance, like a lioness with her cubs. I know it’s special, and so my passion for it makes me go that extra mile. I have to be mindful of stress, though. I was at a conference in Las Vegas last year and ended up in A&E! All was fine in the end.

Moved house again a few years ago, to a tiny village on the Yorkshire Wolds. It’s a great balance for my hectic work life, and there is something very special about the area.

I guess I am leading parallel lives – the spiritual me and the work me – and although, they are one and the same because my heart is 100% in my work, it’s not my life work, I know that. 

What keeps me going are my spiritual travels: Mount Shasta, Maui, and Glastonbury. I’ve been getting itchy feet lately. I feel I am moving home again, but no idea where!

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