Wake up Call

March 2000

Who would believe a simple drive home six months ago could change your life?

Well, it has.

I was on my way to Leeds after spending a week down south at IBM and my thoughts began to wander …

It’s crazy, but it began with the new sales team that was being put together at work. It didn’t even affect me, but it fascinated me. They were targeted with winning back some old customers and it set my mind wondering: Why did you lose them in the first place? Do you know? What does the customer want? 

I thought about my experience with the Post Office (my account at IBM), and how building trust and relationships was the corner stone of the successful business we did, when this thought (which felt like a message) came into my mind:

You are here to put the heart into business

It was that simple, but the feeling that came with it, was huge! Like a code had been released. A code that made the decision which followed so easy, like there was actually no decision to be made.

I was going to leave IBM and set up on my own…

I am proud to have been approached by IBM. I respect the company and will always be grateful to have it on my CV, but my path is going another way and I just have to follow it, wherever it is leading …

‘Which part of IBM are you moving to?’ asked my Manager when I handed him my resignation. That is what people do, as it is has many opportunities. ‘I’m not; I’m going to set up my own consultancy, was my answer.’ ‘Do you have a contract?’ No.

I think the risk I was taking surprised them, but they were brilliant and made it clear they would like me to stay. But something else is calling me to it, and it is impossible to ignore…

Well, I hope whatever it is comes soon because I’ve got a business to set up and six months’ money in the bank!  

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