Welcome to Unitefulness!

January 2021

Greetings at this incredible time in our human history. A time when – no matter what the world is showing on the outside – we know a new world is being created from the inside. From vision into manifestation. From spirit into form, and it is all happening through us as we remember the new earth we came to create.

Yes, we have been tested and will continue to be! But we know, we feel, what is happening. We feel the shoots springing up and an air of excitement building. There is a stirring of a memory, of a time when we knew this would all come to pass.

A time when we would be called upon to stand up in the truth of our divinity and the strength and courage of our humanity. To rise up and join up, to unite our hearts and souls to fulfil a mission we long ago pledged. Here it is. The time has arrived.

So I reach out to you, to connect with fellow souls around the world, to be the change we wish to see. To find new ways of uniting our creativity. To link up with like minds and hearts. We are in every corner of society, every part of the world, every profession and every culture. We are inclusive.

This is just the beginning of Unitefulness. I don’t know how it all works yet, and I don’t need to. It will be created in each moment. For that is the energy of the new earth. Allowing the expansion and expression to reveal itself in each step.

I know there is much suffering still, and my heart reaches out with compassion to anyone who feels lost or alone. You are not alone. Know that. You are a brave soul who chose to be here at this time of monumental shifting of consciousness upon the earth we walk.  It cannot be underestimated, the gigantic leap we are taking. Be gentle with yourself. Kind to yourself. Trust in divine order.

Until next time. I look forward to where this goes.



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