28th March 2023.

Wow! Is the only title I can think of to capture exactly how I am feeling as I reflect on the past 3 years.  From that moment in January 2020 when I was invited to do a pilot workshop on behalf of Positive People – to March 2020, when the world we knew changed overnight. We had to find new ways of doing things and we did.  We went from face to face – to online and we kept going but what keeps us going?   What is stronger than any fear? One thing: Love. Only love has the power to obliterate fear.  You cannot experience the feeling of fear and love at the same time – you are choosing one or the other.

I mention this because Love is what drove me all the way through this.  From those workshops of connecting with such incredible people, to the one-to-one sessions, to the Inspirational Talks, Social TV appearances and everything else, it was always about the connection and love I felt for all of those courageous souls I was privileged to help. To the positive people team who felt like my family.  You came into my life like a bright light, and you saw what I had to bring, and you opened the door for me to deliver it.

So, it is with deep gratitude for the opportunity and sadness that the programme is now completing, that I say…. wow! What a journey! 😊

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